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Collection: Owner provided fabric

Ship me or drop off fabric you want to have put on the face of your mask. I will still supply all other materials including sewn in filter, backing fabric, elastic or ties and nose bridge if you select to have that added on.  Please keep in mind the time that is still spent to cut your provided fabric and those with difficult positioning of logos may take even more time than fabric I provide. We take the time and do our best to always make your masks look fabulous.


I have not met one person who has enjoyed wearing masks every time they leave their homes. They are uncomfortable and prevent easy breathing. However this is our new norm. I’ve been making masks since this started, as a way to protect my family and friends. I’ve been fighting to flatten the curve. I have been perfecting my skill. I’ve changed my patterns to meet the needs of many, while still being as fitted as possible. I’ve sought out all the materials to provide as many safe options as possible. 

If we must wear masks, I want to provide you a mask you love wearing! I want you to be proud to walk around wearing it and be safe from spreading too many germs. While these are NOT medical grade masks, they are what the CDC is encouraging us to use. I believe the 3 layers you get with a sewn in filter mask, is a great option because it’s still breathable while providing a layer of 100% cotton, a non woven filter-like layer and then a 3rd layer which can be one of many different types of fabrics such as cotton, flannel, polyester, or cotton Lycra. It’s been said layering different kinds of fabrics increases the ability to block particles. 

I take the time to cut patterns as best as I can with out completely wasting fabric. No 2 patterned masks will be the exact same. Larger patterns are even harder to fit on a mask, however I will always do my best to make yours look great! I do a finishing stitch on the face of your masks for looks and so the construction is stabilized when washed. Your masks can be reversed if you ever need a solid colored mask. 


You will be purchasing a brand new mask handmade by myself with the help of my daughters and my husband  we are a team helping get masks into as many hands as possible. 

Your options include your masks being finished with ties which are made of soft t-shirt material or with elastic. These are always personal preference. One is not more effective than the other.

Our face masks are washable, reusable, reversible and made in the USA.

These masks ARE NOT medical masks. These are handmade face coverings. The filter liner inside will hold up to many washings.




9-9.5” width (expanding out more in the middle area giving room for your nose)
5-5.5” height (measured from bottom of mask below chin to top of nose area)


8-8.5”  width (expanding out more in the middle area giving room for your nose)
4.5-5” height (measured from bottom of mask below chin to top of nose area)


7” width ( expanding out more in the middle area giving room for your nose)
4” height (measured from bottom of mask below chin to top of nose area)




*Please hand wash your masks in warm water and hang to dry after every use.
They can be washed in the washing machine on warm with mild detergent however this will wear down the fabric quicker. 
*Do not place in dryer. Air dry is highly recommended. Make sure it is fully dry before attempting to wear.

All masks should be washed prior to initial wearing.

Due to sanitary reasons masks are not returnable. If you have any issues with your order please send us a message!


*100% Cotton
*Cotton Polyester Blend
*Lined with non woven fabric (filter)
*Elastic or t-shirt fabric ties (Color Depends on Material Availability)

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