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Bag Tag mystery packs

Bag Tag mystery packs

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Packs of mystery tags all ready to ship. 

Tags in the picture are just examples of what COULD be included in your mystery packs


Sayings include 

Made by me 

Made with love

Embrace the chaos

Made by moms favorite



made with lots of curse words and love

made with love and other 4 letter words

bite me with a ginger bread man

gingerbread men

minnie head

stitch in many different styles


just A lil wonky

just a little wonky 

a bit wonky

made by my favorite daughter/son/sister/person 

my favorite sister made this


Tags are made from cork and faux leather. 


Unable to accommodate special requests at this time. If you’d like to place an order to custom tags, please send me a message. Thank you!